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Outside Your Home

  • Park your cars in the garage or down the street away from the front of the home.

  • Remove rolling basketball hoops from the driveway or the front of the home.

  • Mow the lawn. Rake up leaves. Sweep sidewalks. Turn off sprinklers. Or just have your gardener clean everything up.

  • Do not water your patio or any concrete or stucco on the outside of the home. If you do, I will have to either wait around for it to dry or use extra water to create a uniform look.

  • Put hoses, lawnmowers, garbage cans, gardening and cleaning equipment, and yard toys in the garage.

  • Straighten your yard furniture. Put the cushions on the chairs and remove your BBQ cover.

  • Close all of the windows.

  • Hide your pets, even if they are cute and friendly.

  • Clean your pool and remove the cleaning equipment from view. Or just have your pool guy do it.

Inside Your Home

  • Clean every room in the house.

  • Turn on all of the lights to make sure they all work. Replace any burned out or dim bulbs.

  • Open the window blinds and curtains to create a uniform look.

  • Pick up any clutter. If you have packing boxes around, please take them to the garage or hide them in closets.

  • Hide your pets, even if they are cute and friendly. Please hide dog crates and litter boxes too.

Living Room
Family Room
Dining Room

  • Arrange sofa cushions so they are nice and straight. Fold blankets. Hide the remotes.

  • If your dining room is large, put the leaf in table and distribute the chairs accordingly.

  • If your dining room is small, remove any leaves from the table and distribute the chairs accordingly.

  • Clean the kitchen counters and cabinets. Hide utensils, cookware, paper towels, sponges, soap dispensers, etc. Counter space is your friend.

  • Remove everything from the front of, and clean, the outside of the refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher.

  • Empty out and clean the sink.


  • Make the beds and clean up the rooms.

  • If you have jewelry boxes, watch boxes, or other expensive items, remove them from view.

  • Hide clothes, shoes, and other dressing items in the closets or under the bed (out of view).


  • Put the toilet lids down. Hide plungers, brushes, and trash cans.

  • Hide soap dispensers, soap dishes, shower products, and reading materials.

  • Display only decorative towels or fancy linens.


Thank You For Your Cooperation!


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